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Baldy Mountain Ranch
Forests and Trails
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Baldy Mountain Ranch is a 650 acre property located about 8 miles southeast
of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, in the Portneuf Mountain Range. The ranch itself
lies about ½ mile west of the peak of Baldy Mountain, a prominent landmark in
the area.

Lava Hot Spring Resort is about 12 miles east of McCammon and I-15.  
McCammon is about 140 miles north of Salt Lake City and 25 miles south of

                                Rugged Terrain
Elevations on the ranch range from about 6500 feet on East Creek in the
southwest corner of the ranch to two towering peaks on the east side with
elevations of 7896 and 8275 feet, nearly as high as Baldy Mountain peak itself,
which is 8327 feet. With an elevation difference of over 1800 feet from  one
side of the ranch to the other, it is naturally steep and rugged in many areas,
even having cliff formations within the ranch. Notwithstanding its ruggedness,
there are many meadows and plateaus, some on the lower     end on East
Creek, with others scattered throughout the ranch, and even some pristine
meadows and gentle forests near the high elevation peaks on  the east side.

East Creek flows through the southwest side of the ranch for about ½ mile and
is a year-round stream. It has places where a small pond could be built. There
are numerous other springs, beaver ponds, and smaller unnamed streams on
the north side and also near the high elevations on the east.

                        Forests and Vegetation
There are several conifer (Douglas Fir) forests on the ranch - along East
Creek on the south, around the high peaks on the east and the deep canyon
on the north, as well as smaller groves in other areas of the ranch.  In the
lower elevations are groves of Quaken Aspen and on the south slopes, Cedars
(or Junipers) are found. And, of course, the trademark of the West -
Sagebrush - is found in abundance in the open areas as well as other similar
brush species.

All species of big game animals native to the area have been seen on the
ranch, including elk, deer, moose, bear and lion, as well as beaver, coyote,
bobcats and badgers. Birds of prey and game birds are also seen.

                             State Forest Land
The entire north and east sides of the ranch are bordered by State Forest
land, with thousands of acres of pristine forests and rugged mountains to
enjoy. Located about ½ mile from the east border is Baldy Mountain peak
itself, after which the ranch is named. About 1/4 mile from the east border are
the rugged cliffs near the Lead Bell Mine site.

                       Access and Privatization
Access is from Highway 30 between McCammon and Lava Hot Springs, turning
onto side roads Maughn, Merrick and Dempsey, in that order.

In cooperation with other land owners (4 or 5) in the area, a locked gate has  
been installed on Dempsey Road and only the landowners have a key, giving a
unique degree of security and privatization.

Summer access is by vehicle, preferably a 4-wheel drive, with winter access by
snowmobile or other snow vehicle for about 4 miles.

Pocatello, about 35 miles away, has commuter air service. Salt Lake City is
less than a 3-hour drive from the ranch.

                            Nearby Recreation
Lava Hot Springs Resort, with its famous hot springs and swimming pools, is  
just 20 minutes away, Yellowstone Park about a 3-hour drive, Craters of the  
Moon National Monument less than 3 hours, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming is   
about 2 hours.

And, of course, all kinds of forest recreation that you do on the ranch such as
hunting, camping, horseback riding, 4-wheeling, etc., is extended at your
doorstep with the north and east borders being surrounded by State forest   

This property is zoned recreational, and would be ideal for a conservation

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Contact:  Carl Zitlau
392 N 4500 E
Rigby, ID  83442
208-589-7140  cell